A short interactive poetry about memory taking place on the shores of England where I went in the summer. Takes about five minutes tops to experience.

Dedicated to Nela, who took me to Seven Sisters.

All by me, with a great help of Twine community and Ondrej Paska who helped with the proofing.

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AuthorOndrej Trhon
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsAtmospheric, ocean, poetry, sea, Twine


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Very cosy, I love the writing too ᵕ̈


thank you so much! 🐚

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The atmosphere of this is so easy to approach and stay in and float around.  Everything fits together so nicely (cool font)! Please add more little stone sounds when looking for pebbles at the start! 🦶


Hezký!)) V jeden moment jsem už necházel jen unremarkable stones a bál se, že je konec, nebo je to rozbitý.


pockej takze si to nedohral? no je to rng muze se to stat )


Neboj, dohrál! Klikal jsem fakt dlouho a pak se konečně něco zase stalo a už to bylo v pohodě) A má to víc konců?


ma to dva konce ktere sou ale jakoby podobny mood jen trochu jine texty podle toho jestli plaves dal nebo jdes zpet na plaz