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Made with Charles Engine FMV by Charles Games

Illutrations: Aneta Camova All Blogs | Aneta Cam
Writing, scripting, sound (to be improved): Ondrej Trhon
Tech support, Engine: Ondrej Paska @fishtrone


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Really hope to see more of this! Getting maj Ballard vibes from the world-building here and I adore that :3


ane yet I never read Ballard ))))))))))) Well, I was thinking about to epand this a little and tinker aroud so I might get to it once i get the largest game of ine out soon (weeks)


Yessss! Excited about the biggest project yet! Ou yes if you have the time, I'd definitely check out some of his work. I enjoy The Drowned World and a lot of his imagery in that book along with his short stories. I would argue that Ballard's world-building is stronger than his character-building, HA! You def don't have that issue - I want to learn more about the characters in this and it's an excellent start.


and thaaaanks