A downloadable oracle-like for Windows and macOS

☊ trove of the ancestors edition! 

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Immerse yourself in the mindscape of millenial, swarmed by late invoices, future anxieties and spectacle of social media in this game, discovered in an ancient chest left by a long-lost civilization.

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Reading guide and more field notes coming soon.



Built on the shoulder of this giant framework that takes care of the card dealing and deck animations (MIT license): https://github.com/rygo6/CardExample-Unity/tree/master

3D models used (CC):
Political Compass - lexferreira89.
Cigarettes - Noah
Hangers - dudecon
Doomer Girl - egi4.news
Earth - Akshat
Annie - FibonacciFox
Eevee - salgrayshade

Rest of the models, music, sounds, drawing, scene setup writing by me.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorOndrej Trhon
GenreCard Game
Tagsartgame, millenial, oracle, Tarot


MillenialTarot-7-7-beta-mac.zip 147 MB
MillenialTarot_7_6_Beta-win.zip 137 MB

Install instructions

If you’re using Mac, you have to run it, then the mac gets angry and blocks, then you go to privacy settings and enable it there and run again.


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It told me that I buy useless stuff at the grocery store later. 10/10


Market oracle never lies 


Atmospheric, creative, hard hitting!




Cards like Seven of Deadlines hits hard.  *****